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Sue Ellen Braunlin, an Indiana doctor who is co-president of the state’s Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice, said that the treatment of what happened to Patel and her baby as a criminal matter “feels like an intrusion of law enforcement into the realm of healthcare. This is a distortion of the law.

terrifying precedents are starting to be set here…

This is so fucking… Ugh what the fuck, this makes me so mad. I can’t even. - Paige

Wow… and this article contradicts itself. Earlier the author writes that the woman was trying to commit suicide. Later they state that the woman was trying to abort. Which was it?!?!?!

that part is referring to another case, in which a woman named Bei Bei Shuai was previously convicted for “feticide” when she attempted suicide with rat poison, which terminated her pregnancy. That woman was released from prison after confessing.

The woman referred to in this article is named Purvi Patel, and is on trial for either neglect OR feticide, pending decision on whether the court deems her child was born dead or not.

THIS case says she tried to abort using illegal imported drugs.

which leads to the question of why any person should need to resort to illegal and unsafe methods of birth control in a country where abortion is legal. - hello, lack of access.

and why, when abortion IS legal, she should be put on trial for it just because she used means that were not US approved.

Ohhhh okay, thanks for clarifying for me :)

Damn this is so unfair! It’s absolutely an issue of health, not a criminal matter. 





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What’s this in reference to?

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"I can’t believe my good fortune. I’m so grateful to be a Black woman. I would be so jealous if I were anything else."
- Maya Angelou. (via caliphorniaqueen)