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I wonder how people who think people can “turn gay” visualize someone actually turning gay

Like if you’re bitten by a gay man during the full moon, you’ll turn gay


dancing in the moonlight


what are they even doing?

They’re turning gay

misha is our leader 


190. The language club formed by Muggleborns does not only study human languages— its members also study Mermish, Gobbledegook, Troll (but only for the most talented linguists, of course), and some of them even offer tutoring on Runes. The only language that they have not been able to dive into is Parseltongue.


193. Empathic student at Hogwarts interested in being a healer goes home over the summer after their sixth year and walks through muggle hospitals anonymously easing pain and helping people get better faster with magic. And then having to travel to muggle hospitals all over so that it doesn’t seem like one hospital is having /all/ of the miracles.


198. Once, a young muggleborn accidentally brought a chemistry set to Potions instead of the normal cauldron and ingredients, and managed to blow up the classroom from trying to get it to work with wizard ingredients. Ever since, Potions classes have been held in the dungeon because they’re much more durable. The Muggleborn’s name? Louisa Longbottom.


200. Muggleborns singing pop songs in the common room and then everyone joins in. The purebloods get startled when they hear a quiet “I knew you were trouble when you walked in…” one moment, and then the next they’re blasted with “NOW I’M LYIN’ ON THE COLD HARD GROUND!”, and then something that sounds like mass screaming. One of the more sensitive students actually calls for a prefect.


206. Muggle borns wear pink every wednesday and pure bloods are confused why they can’t sit with the muggle born during lunch that day…

    Mom:Internet friends aren't real friends
    Me:Oh and friends who talk shit behind my back and never invite me to anything are real friends?